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Amazon is paying people 6 Figures A Year, 7 Figures A Year, And Even 6 Figures A Month! Now, you can’t reasonably expect to make anywhere near those amounts anytime soon, or even expect to make anything at all. But, what I can promise is you can learn the exact strategies top earners are following, and once you have this knowledge, there’s nothing in this world stopping you from putting it into place for yourself and your family as well.

Dear friend,
We haven’t met before, and I know this is crazy (perhaps, it’s a little bit awkward) to hear a stranger talking about money with you.
Especially, if this stranger telling you that he can help you generate a steady stream of income passively from an online business.
So allow me to try to break the ice by introducing myself.
My name’s Ted Baer. And the first thing you should know about me is, I’m not an Internet Marketing guru.
I never consider myself as an Internet Marketing expert, and I never tried to publicly share my money-making methods before today.
The way I see it, there’s more money by keeping it as my own secret, than to publicly share it with other people.
That’s until these recent times. Online shopping in the U.S. has tripled in the last year, and even if 50 thousand more people started doing what I am doing today, it still would not have any impact on my earnings. That’s why in times like these I have decided to share this with you.
Anyway, in case you’re wondering, I used to struggle in trying to make money online.
I could spend the whole weekend reading every single detail about a brand-new method of building passive income with social media this, and email list that, and website after website, week after week I’d end up feeling extremely exhausted, stressed, and frustrated knowing the methods don’t really work as I was expecting.
I swear I’ve almost sold my laptop so that I could stop thinking about having my own business, and never trying my luck with online business again for the rest of my life.
Doesn’t it drive you nuts? From hundreds (if not thousands) of ways to make money with online marketing, 99% of them won’t work for you. And there’s no way to tell if the method would work for you or not.
This same situation continues for months, until this desperate man said to himself, “If only there’s a way to make just $10 a day without having to learn and apply all those complicated online marketing techniques, I’d be willing to go all-in to follow it.”
Not thousands of dollars.
Just $10 a day so that I could say to myself “Yeah – I finally made it!”

That’s How I Ran Into Making Money With Amazon

At that time, I found this is the perfect business model for me since what I need to do is as simple as this:

I don’t need to be hassled with product checkouts, customer complaints, or anything like that. It’s very simple and I love it.

I know – this is not something new since there are hundreds of people who have achieved success with this program – including me. But what’s really interesting is, despite it has become so popular…

It Still Wide Open For You To Profit Big

That’s right.
It’s never too late to get started in this business.
Why? Simple.
There are over 17 million orders placed on Amazon Everyday. With the numbers only growing, And, you only need a very tiny slice of that pie to be successful.
To prove this to you, just check the screenshot below:

That’s how much I could earn from just one Amazon marketing website.

Yes, you’re right… I own dozens of amazon affiliate websites right now.

So, although I don’t make a seven-figure income from one website like those online business gurus, I still earn enough income to pay my living, upgrade my lifestyle, and confidently quit my job to become a full-time online entrepreneur.

You may think it’s inefficient because I have to manage multiple websites, but no – it’s not.

It’s easier than you think because…

This Is 100% Passive Income

Even if I don’t work for months, and just enjoying my life living by traveling across the world, I’d never worry about money.

My Amazon websites are running 24/7/365 continuously to generate a steady stream of passive income.

Heck, I don’t even need to check them out every few days.

I can completely forget about them, and just cash out commissions at the end of each month.

Imagine having a machine that prints money continuously on complete automation. 

I’m not exaggerating, but that’s exactly how it feels to own your own Amazon marketing website. Just ask other Amazon marketers, and they’ll give you the same answer.

You Can Do The Same!

And, that’s why for the first time ever I’m going to share with you my secrets, time-tested strategies (including my closely guarded 5-step strategy to earn commissions quickly) to help you jump into being an extremely lucrative Amazon marketer.

If you want to have your own amazon marketing website that can generate you a steady stream of passive income…

That requires very little time and effort to build…

That allows you to make your day job a distant memory…

And gives you the chance to start living the dream lifestyle that successful online entrepreneurs always share on Instagram…

Then let me introduce you to my hands-on interactive course called:

My Associates Training

This is unlike any other courses you’ve bought before because I am also going to personally walk you through every step of the course
I am going to teach you the exact strategies that have worked for me to get to where I am today.
Instead of just sharing information that you could find through a simple web search.
…Or information that’s already outdated
…I’m going to share the strategies that work today, and that you couldn’t learn anywhere else since these strategies are created by myself.
And, with me personally walking you through every step, That means, during every lesson of this course you will be required to send in assignments, and I will personally either approve or reject the work you’ve turned in. That’s right!
You’re going to learn my exact step-by-step strategies I have used to become successful with Amazon, and you’re going to have me personally make sure you are following these steps properly, this way you’re not being led in the wrong direction or wasting your time being ineffective. To ensure this, I am also going to provide a personal 1-on-1 monthly call providing guidance for however long you need my assistance.
Because, this is my first course, and most likely last, and I want it to be your last course as well. That’s why I’ll do whatever it takes to help you.
But, Before I tell you more about the course, I want to give you a word of warning.
While I call it straightforward and simple, that doesn’t mean you can be lazy. Obviously, it still takes hard work at the start. And yes, it will also take a little time until you could generate a steady income.
It just doesn’t take nearly as much work and time as any other method I’ve ever tried.
In short, it won’t make you rich overnight.
If that makes you feel hesitant to give it a try, then I suggest choosing a more “conventional” make money online program or course instead.
I’m sure there are certainly plenty to choose from.
Otherwise, to help you decide if it’s right for you, here’s what you’re going to learn from this course. First, I am going to show you:

It’s simple and easy to do.

You don’t have to worry about the product stock, dealing with customers, shipping orders, or other things that could make you feel extremely exhausted.

What Other People Are Saying…

“If you do exactly what the course says, the results you will get are just amazing! I have no previous Internet Marketing background, but I’m able to launch multiple websites and make money from them within just a few weeks. I always consider myself lucky to found this course first before I’m going into the rabbit hole of Internet Marketing like other people.” ~ David

“Basically, if you’re considering giving this course a try, don’t think twice. I earned around $1,500 a month soon after I finished the course. Yes, it’s not that much, but I’m happy to know that what I learned really work. And that reason alone has made this course really worth the investment.” ~ Julian

“I’m a stay-at-home mom, and I decided to give this course a try because I want to help my husband financially. To my surprise, within just five months, my monthly income has passed my husband’s earning.” ~ Dee

Did you notice none of them have an Internet marketing background?

Of course, there are more testimonials from people who’re more experienced than them. And yes, those who’re more experienced are earning a lot more than these three people. 

But I decided to show these testimonials instead because I want to show you that almost anyone could make money online by getting into the affiliate business.

It’s simple and easy to do.

You don’t have to worry about the product stock, dealing with customers, shipping orders, or other things that could make you feel extremely exhausted.

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